The Science of Teaching

Why am I writing?

As anyone who has taught full time in the past 10 years, political and budgetary conditions have made it much more difficult to be as effective as we can be. I will be focused on concepts that directly apply to traditional classroom teaching and science education, but many of the articles will be applicable to anyone who teaches others.

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t feed your knowledge and skills, they will weaken. Self and career improvement has become an irregularly and poorly timed chore led by the office or district. We are either:

  • Planning
  • Grading
  • Tracking special education requirements
  • Administration paperwork
  • Or finding a few minutes to remind ourselves why we do this

I’m hoping to provide information that will make it easy to find ways to improve your craft.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Jesse Hobson. I’m a lifelong science guy. More recently, father of four, research geneticist, and teaching science. I’ve taught all of the core science courses in both middle school and high school. I’ve also coached a couple sports, started a few competitive robotics teams, and created an arduino based robotics course.

What Professional Development Has Become

  • A chore driven by the office or district
  • A motivational speaker giving encouragement without specifics
  • A presentation on new literary strategies that the presenter hasn’t had the time to fully digest, implement, or test.
  • A children’s teamwork exercise re-skinned to look like a corporate team builder

What Professional Development Should Be

  • Discussion about meaningful research based methods
  • Implementable strategies for classroom management, proper assessment technique, or curriculum design
  • Recent findings in your field of study that impact what you teach

When I Started Out I Wish I had a Good Source of Information on:

  • True research based best practices
  • A variety of working proven methods in classroom management
  • Curriculum alignment strategies
  • Creating better students
  • Misconceptions in science
  • New developments in fields I teach
  • Ways to deal with changing “beliefs”

What am I giving to you?

Meaningful understanding of relevant, researched, and data driven ideas and insights to use in your classroom.

What I won’t give you.

No gimmicks or flashy fluff.

Who is this for?

Teachers or educators in any capacity.

I’m hoping to see teachers find a few new ways to eliminate rote memorization and excessive repetition wherever possible.

I’m going to aim to publish a fully researched article a week. I may post news more frequently.

I would also welcome special requests. I love research and look forward to helping address issues and questions you guys are having.